Means of Contact

Means of Contact

The means of contact for an inmate at this facility include:





Contact via the telephone can be originated by someone outside the facility,by calling and leaving a message on

the inmate message line.  

(701) 746 9440  


 The message line is set up to help you, it has full instructions on how to leave a message for an individual inmate. 

The inmate can retrieve those messages after they have been left, in their housing unit,

between 8:00am and 10:30pm (Sunday through Thursday) and 8:00am to 11:59pm (Friday and Saturday). 

The inmates also have a telephone in their unit to contact you.  Telephone calls can be made with the collect call system,

or with the use of Reliance telephone cards purchased at the facility by the inmate.  

The Reliance Telephone home site shows all the current, relevant charges for phone use via, collect call and phone cards

You can also arrange to have reliance prepaid on your line only, this would be done by contacting Reliance telephone and working with them.  

Please under no circumstances leave messages on the message line containing the details of pre-purchased phone cards, as the details are accessible to more inmates than just the one you are contacting. 





Mail                                                                               mail

Mail can be received by the inmate on normal mailing days.  The way to address a letter to the inmate is as follows.


Inmates name

PO BOX 5244

Grand Forks, ND 58206


No other addresses should be used when contacting an inmate at this facility.

The mailed item MUST have the senders address on it and be mailed to the correct address, or it will not be forwarded to the inmate, but kept in their property until release.


Contents of mail

Mail should not contain any cash or any third party checks (person to person)

Mail should not have any stickers or adhesive labels stuck to it, (They will be removed)

Mail should not have any cologne sprayed on it (It will not be given to the inmate)

Mail should not have lipstick applied, (It will not be given to the inmate)

It may contain money grams or money orders

If you wish to provide money for an inmates account please see the Commissary page.

Photographs may be sent via the mail but should be of reasonable size (7 X 5) or smaller.  They may not be of the Polaroid type or have anything adhered (stuck) to them.

Any items included within the mail which have any item stuck to another, or contains any kind of illicit material will be placed in the receiving inmates property.  Any item which may be deemed contraband will be disposed of.